Oct. 1, 2019

“We are beyond devastated and heartbroken by the loss of one of our dearest colleagues, Enrique Fernández-Toledo.

“Enrique was a member of Power 4 Puerto Rico from its inception, representing the Center for American Progress (CAP) in this coalition. He most recently served as moderator for the Congressional briefing hosted by Power 4 PR on September 18th.

“Enrique was critical in shaping the policy agenda of the coalition, masterfully combining his decades of knowledge of the inner workings on Capitol Hill and the history of decision-making around Puerto Rico. His spirit of authentic collaboration, his unparalleled integrity and willingness to listen to and include others, stand as shining examples of not only brilliant and effective interaction in multiple campaigns and efforts but also of the way to sustain and advance the work needed to secure the future of Puerto Rico beyond partisan or ideological lines. Enrique was a true Puerto Rican patriot.

“Many of us knew Enrique —his camaraderie, his insight and his unwavering commitment to Puerto Rico— from long before. We were in the trenches with him to ensure that the U.S. Navy would end its bombing practices in Vieques;  we saw him serve as Deputy Chief of Staff for Congressman Luis Gutiérrez as he fought against the imposition of a colonial fiscal control board under PROMESA; and we witnessed his relentless struggle to free prisoners of conscience like Oscar López Rivera and others.

“Time after time, Enrique demonstrated his sophisticated political acumen in the work for justice and human rights and in his countless contributions to movements for immigrants, Puerto Rico and so much more. We will always remember and treasure him for his humanity, sense of humor, passion for freedom and the respect for others that marked his every step.

“Gracias por todo Enrique. Te extrañaremos y que tu legado de sencillez y determinación continúen inspirando nuestro diario vivir. Que descanses en paz.”