Our Coalition Principles 

  • It is not just enough to restore Puerto Rico to the way it was—we must strengthen and upgrade Puerto Rico’s infrastructure in order for its people to thrive.

  • Puerto Rico needs swift and comprehensive federal investments in healthcare, infrastructure, and workforce development to get the local economy back on its feet and on the road to future growth and prosperity.

  • We urge support for community-led transparency and accountability measures in the delivery of aid as Puerto Rico recovers. Utilities should not be privatized so that the people who are most impacted by these decisions can have a voice in the rebuilding of their communities.

  • As Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy process unfolds, Congress must provide the territory with a clean slate: this means pressuring the Control Board it imposed on Puerto Ricans to suspend debt payments as part of any fiscal plan and to request writing down Puerto Rico’s debt as part of any court-supervised debt restructuring process.

  • Cities and local governments must be ready to welcome Puerto Ricans fleeing dire situations on the Island with robust relocation support from the federal government.

  • No federal aid should be used to undermine democracy in Puerto Rico. Congress should grant no additional powers to the Control Board in exchange for rebuilding Puerto Rico.

  • We oppose the historically predatory behavior by Wall Street banks and investors and will not allow them to take advantage of the recovery process to further enrich themselves. No relief or rebuilding money should go to servicing debt.

Our Partners