After Island-Wide Power Outage, Power 4 Puerto Rico Calls for Urgency in Hurricane Preparedness

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In reaction to news of an island-wide power outage in Puerto Rico, the Power 4 Puerto Rico coalition calls on the federal government to commit all available resources towards strengthening Puerto Rico’s infrastructure before the arrival of the 2018 hurricane season. Read more

Power 4 Puerto Rico Coalition Responds to Investigative Reports on Disaster Relief Disparities

WASHINGTON, DC - The Power 4 Puerto Rico coalition responded to investigative reports by news outlets POLITICO and El Nuevo Día, and the charitable network Oxfam detailing the disparate and unequal treatment by FEMA and the Trump administration of American citizens in Puerto Rico compared to victims of natural disasters in other parts of the United States. Read more

Power 4 Puerto Rico Coalition Reacts to Passage and Signing of Bipartisan Budget Deal